F2T Productions, Management and Catering produces events, manages venues and provides catering while supporting local farmers, chefs, artisans and businesses.


F2T Management

We manage several venues including City Roots Farm, Hunter Gatherer Brewery in Rosewood, and Storm Water Studios on Huger Street. Let us book your next rental for you or we can manage your venue. 



City Roots Farm 



Contact us for rates

— Monday - Wednesday and Friday —
3pm -12am

—  Saturday —
All Day Rental

—  Sunday —
All Day Rental


Hunter Gather Brewing in Rosewood



—  Monday - Thursday  —
5 Hours
         $1500 Rental  20% Gratuity                                            Optional Private Tour $100

— Sunday
Primarily for charity groups under 50 people
       $1500 Rental, 20% Gratuity                                                Optional Private Tour $100


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