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Columbia’s Top 50 Most Influential of 2018

Working with local chefs and farmers, Vanessa Bialobreski helps orchestrate dinners and events that bring community together over locally grown food.



Intrigued by heirloom ingredients and want to learn more about heritage?
Farm to Table Event Company teams up with collaborators and fellow Palmetto Staters for a communal, celebratory farm feast. 


secrets of event success


Seasoned event planners offer their tips for getting drinks events off the ground and setting them up for success.

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9 Things You Had No Idea You Could Do in Columbia, SC

Southern Living

From the boutique shops on Devine Street to the Nickelodeon Theatre on Main Street, and the surrounding entertainment districts of the three rivers, Columbia radiates the unexpected South. It’s primarily known for its exceptionally sunny days, BBQ, and vibrant college town atmosphere, but that hardly means the city’s activities are limited to those three themes.


Farm to Table to Launch Blue Apron-Style Service, Cooking Classes

Free Times

City Roots and Farm to Table Event Co. are finding new ways to bring the virtues of local, seasonal produce into the everyday lives of people in the Midlands.

Next week, they'll roll out Market Meals. They've also teamed up to sponsor a series of cooking classes.

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Food Film Fest Will Feed Your Cultural Hunger

Free Times

Screen it (and offer tasty local snacks and drink options) and they will come — that’s the hope of Vanessa Driscoll Bialobreski. It inspired her to put together a food- and drink-themed film festival that focuses on South Carolina foodways. 

In partnership with the South Carolina State Museum, Bialobreski’s company, Farm to Table Events, will host a two-day film festival that incorporates foods featured in the films, as well as the filmmakers and subjects of the films. 


power issue 2017

Free Times

It’s time for our annual power rankings, in which we tell you who holds sway in the Capital City.

And the list looks a whole lot different after two cataclysms shook Columbia’s power structure in late 2016 and early 2017: the election of Donald J. Trump, and the long-running State House corruption probe.


City Roots urban farm becomes hub for eat local movement in the Midlands

The Post and Courier

In 2009, when Robbie McClam and his son, Eric, started City Roots Farm, they usually had to follow an introduction by explaining that the urban property was out by the Columbia Municipal Airport. These days, there is rarely any follow-up reference needed.


Travel Guide to the Solar Eclipse in Columbia, SC

Southern Traveler

On August 21 Columbia will be one of the best places in the Southeast to visit for the total solar eclipse. The entire city is throwing a massive weekend-long viewing party with special guests, live music, great food, and a front row view of the total solar eclipse for a whopping two and a half minutes.

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South Carolina chefs, all military vets, team up for charity event

Military Times

In an effort to raise money for the Veteran Farmer Coalition, military veterans are joining together to host the first annual Operation Harvest Dinner in Columbia, South Carolina,   Midlands Anchor reports. Preparing the four-course dinner will be six veterans-turned-top-chefs: Marine Corps veterans Garrett Barry and Brandon Velie; Army veterans Jeff Bannister and Kristian Niemi; Air Force veteran John Sheen; and Navy veteran Anthony DiBernardo.

How Columbia landed a prestigious charity event 

The State

It all started, as some things do, with a casual conversation over a meal.

During the S.C. Chef Ambassadors’ trip to the James Beard House in New York City last August, Vanessa Driscoll Bialobreski, founder of Farm to Table Events Company, began making small talk about the food, her newfound organization The Charitable Plate and the James Beard Foundation, with Isabela Wojcik, the Director of House Programming at the James Beard House.

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Columbia wine-making grape comes back home after more than 200 years

The State

Columbia was once home to a grape known for table eating and wine making, a grape that back in the early 1800s spread across the East, as farmers tried to diversify their crops.


The Charitable Plate Plans to Fund Local Food Enterprises 

Free Times

The future of local chefs, farmers, food educators and entrepreneurs is looking tastier as Farm to Table Event Co. launches The Charitable Plate, which will provide scholarships to those looking to grow in those fields.

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How I Go Columbia: Farm to Table Event Co.’s Vanessa Driscoll Bialobreski

The State

Working with local chefs and farmers, Vanessa Driscoll Bialobreski helps orchestrate dinners and events that bring the community together over locally grown food. Her events include Harvest Dinners, Pig and Oyster Roast, Cream of the Crop Beer Festival, Rose Festival, the Great American Whiskey Fair and – to be introduced later this year – cooking classes and a butcher paper dinner series.

Feast from Columbia at JBF Photo by Jonathan Sharpe F2T Beard House Dinner - photo by J Sharpe IMG_1458.jpg

Eating with SC chefs at New York’s famed James Beard House, in 20 numbers

The State

The State’s food writer Susan Ardis is in New York with South Carolina’s four chef ambassadors, who were invited to prepare lunch and dinner Tuesday at the prestigious James Beard House in New York City.

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How Farm to Table Event Company is growing its success

The State

Vanessa Driscoll Bialobreski grew up with a passion for food, surrounded by her French family and enjoying intimate and lively dinners around the table.

So it was natural that the Columbia native – who attended Hammond, Hand and Dreher – would choose a career path that involved food.


Cream of the Crop Beer Fest closes out Soda City Suds Week

The State

Vanessa Driscoll Bialobreski is the mastermind behind the first (and hopefully annual) Cream of the Crop Beer Fest, noon to 5 p.m. Saturday, March 28, at City Roots. She was kind enough to answer some questions about what has become the finale event of Soda City Suds Week.


Take A Bite Out of Columbia’s Food Scene

Honest Cooking

Columbia, South Carolina’s food scene is evolving and growing to accommodate more passionate farmers, distillers, and food masterminds than ever before. Here are some of our favorite bites and sips, old and new, that add delicious value to Columbia’s cuisine and culture.

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event blends heritage pig supper with hard rock show as a new form of 'eatertainment'

Post and Courier

Charleston is at the forefront of a nationwide food and beverage culture that is rapidly evolving. As dining has found its way into the entertainment industry—with the plethora of reality cooking shows and celebrity chefs—it’s important that there are hard-working, well-intentioned individuals trying to steer the industry in the right direction. Becky Burke, leader of Commune., and Vanessa Driscoll Bialobreski, founder of Farm to Table Event Company, are two of them.


the year in food

Free Times

Last year was an excellent one for Columbia’s food scene, with new restaurants opening on Main Street, the craft beer boom accelerating, more food festivals and events than ever and much more. And we expect these trends to continue this year. 


expand your palate in columbia, sc this year

The Daily South

You get the feeling that Columbia, SC is hitting the ‘thriving metropolis’ threshold by the number of acclaimed chefs and restaurants popping up around town.



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