F2T  Productions founded The Charitable Plate in 2016.
Our goal is to shepherd talent in the Midlands community by providing
scholarships to fund the advancement and growth of future chefs, farmers,
and educational pursuits to strengthen our local food system.

F2T donates a percentage of ticket sales from every
event to The Charitable Plate.

By donating, you may be helping a local business
get started, a chef connect with local farmers, a lost crop receive the care to
be reintroduced into our food system, or a farm get that piece of equipment or
education they need to be successful. 


To date, The Charitable Plate has:

donated over $5,000 to the care of the Herbemont Grape at Historic Columbia gardens.

$1,500 to Midlands Food Alliance to start for the first Farmer Chef Mashup.
The Mashup connected local chefs
with small, local, organic and sustainable farmers.

Rasied over $12,000 for an industry employee who had to take a unpaid
leave of absence from all three
of his jobs to care for his mother after a tragic accident.

$7,500 for The James Beard Foundation.

$100,000 Grant to provide shared farm equipment for local farmers.

FoodShare Basic-4 Color.png


FoodShare’s mission fits perfectly into our ethics and passions. The vision of FoodShare South Carolina is to ensure access to fresh produce for all in our communities. The quilt of inspiration for the FoodShare movement originated within a tribe of passionate women from influential private and public organizations in Columbia.

For the Fall and Spring season, all of The Charitable Plate fundraising and donations will be dedicated to FoodShare except for Rose Festival which will always be dedicated to Historic Columbia Foundation Gardens. We will be announcing the efforts, projects and how you can participate and volunteer thru-out. We appreciate any and all support!

If you are a chef, local farmer, aspiring service industry member, nonprofit or
dreaming of being a local food-driven
business owner, please fill out the
appropriate application below to be considered for funding.



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