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F2T Productions specializes in producing creative events and providing unforgettable culinary experiences with seasonal, local ingredients.

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Farm to Table Productions is a turn key farm to table company that has been producing events while supporting local farms, chefs, artisans and businesses since 2011.

We work directly with farmers, artisans, distillers, brewers and local chefs with all of our events to help connect the community to their local businesses. With our hyper-local menus, we are able to offer menu items created with local pasture-raised meats and poultry, sustainably-grown fruits and vegetables, artisan cheeses, farm fresh eggs and more.

Our catering and event chef, Gabrielle Watson specializes in vegan and vegetarian fare, while our Partner/Chef Kristian Niemi comes from a strong background of working with sustainable protein farmers and creating whole animal programs in his restaurants. Their combined talents helped create our catering company Honey River Catering.

We are a company that has a mission to continue to support sustainability in our local food system. We have designed our dinner and event menus to support small local farmers. Our center-of-the-plate items focus on pasture-raised and grass-fed proteins, and our vegetables come from local organic and sustainable produce farmers and feature what they have available and is currently in season. Our menus change throughout the year and are based on availability and seasonality.

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