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We are a company that has a mission to continue to support sustainability in our local food system. We have designed our dinner and event menus to support small local farmers. Our center-of-the-plate items focus on pasture-raised and grass-fed proteins, and our vegetables come from local organic and sustainable produce farmers and feature what they have available and is currently in season. Our menus change throughout the year and are based on availability and seasonality.

*All of our oyster shells are picked up by DNR an recycled thru their oyster shell recycling program.

*We use Verterra for all of our compostable plates and cutlery which we compost thru Atlas Organics.

*Our kitchen composts all kitchen scraps and trash except raw meat and plastic.

*All of our cans and bottles are recycled thru the City of Columbia.

*90% of our food is sourced locally, regionally and sustainably.


We started with the idea to support the local economy and environment in how we do business and will continue to do so.

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